February, 2021

  • Museum Experience through Inquiry Drama

    1.   Theoretical framework: Drama in the Museum

    Drama as a creative pedagogic process and the museum as a meaningful informal learning environment refer – in their own ways – to humanity and culture, aiming at spiritual, emotional, embodied experiences and experiential learning. Drama in formal education as a holistic approach to knowledge, values, attitudes and skills leads participants to inquiry, innovation, imagination, self-identification and empathy (O’ Toole et al. 2002; Neelands et al. 2003). Museums in the 21st century provide experience, knowledge and skills to visitors/students (Hooper-Greenhill 1994, 2000), offer opportunities of reflection, inquiry and application to life (Hein 2004), and produce and reproduce meanings and attitudes (Pearce 1993). In  addition to that, museum pedagogy uses several experiential methods, like workshops and dramatic events (Hooper-Greenhill 2000, 2007). Therefore, the theoretical framework of this article refers to inquiry in drama and museum experience as a keyword to museum education programmes.

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